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The all new Inforad speed camera warning system is designed to help protect you and your licence. It uses GPS technology to warn you of speed cameras. It's completely road legal and easy to use.

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Inforad K3 Speed Camera Detector

The K3 is the next generation of the world's smallest GPS camera warning system. SiRF Star III technology with enhanced adjustable volume control and long life rechargable battery built in.

Price: 49.90 €

Inforad K3 Deluxe Speed Camera Detector

With ever increasing speed camera density and traffic, any device that makes for safer drivers while saving money is always welcome. The K3's small, compact size coupled with its low weight means it easily clips to your windscreen, your rear view mirror, even your car's sun visor. It's on board rechargeable battery removes the need for cumbersome cables and mounting brackets. Benefiting from the highest level of technology, In particular it has a built in re-chargeable battery and it processor is the GPS SIRF starIII the No.1 GPS satellite chip set technology. In the world of GPS speed camera detectors, the K3 is compatible with all vehicles.

Package Contents :

  • Inforad K3 Speed Camera Detector
  • USB In-Car Charger
  • Mounting Clip
  • Leather Carry Case
  • 2 Pin EU Mains/USB power adapter
  • Detailed Manual

Price: 59.90 €

Ci Smart

The Smart is a multi-function, community-based warning system that identifies danger zones such as fixed and mobile speed cameras, road works, traffic jams and other road hazards stored in its database or flagged by other Smart users (Inforad Club). It calculates your vehicle’s position with its GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and updates its database in real-time using its on board mobile telephone (GSM/GPRS).

Price: 149.90 €

Ci Smart + Moto Kit

The INFORAD Ci Smart Moto, is the only warning danger zone communicating fully usable and suitable for the rider. Its waterproof casing, vibration resistant, specially designed for motorcycle that the Inforad Ci Smart unit sits in, and has 4 large buttons allows you to use your INFORAD Moto Ci including wearing gloves.

Price: 179.90 €

INFORAD V4e + Battery

Comes complete with magic carpet gel pad to locate the Inforad onto your dashboard, a clip on battery pack to give 6 hours of wire free running, a power cable that also doubles as a USB connection cable for your PC, a cigarette lighter power adaptor and a comprehensive user guide.

New features include the new SiRFstarIII chipset and more powerful antenna that will even pick up GPS signals through an athermic/UV coated windscreen.

Price: 44.90 €

INFORAD Bike GPS Speed Camera Warning System

Comes complete in it's own carry pouch with everything you need for a DIY installation - including a comprehensive user guide.

Price: 39.99 €

Ci Moto Kit Only

The Ci Moto Kit Only has a waterproof casing, vibration resistant, specially designed for motorcycle that the Inforad Ci Smart unit sits in.
**NB: Inforad Ci Smart unit not included**

Price: 49.90 €

Inforad K1 Accessories

INFORAD K1 Spare Windscreen Clips (Pack of 2)

Price: 6.40 €


Price: 9.90 €

INFORAD universal mains adapter

Price: 9.90 €

Inforad V3 & V4e Accessories

INFORAD Click-On Skins

Price: 1.99 €

INFORAD Click-On Skins

Price: 1.99 €

INFORAD Click-On Skins

Price: 1.99 €

INFORAD Click-On Skins

Price: 1.99 €

INFORAD Click-On Skins

Price: 1.99 €

INFORAD "Magic Carpet" Gel Pad

Price: 4.90 €

INFORAD Clip-On Battery Pack

Price: 9.90 €

INFORAD Mini Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Price: 5.99 €

INFORAD USB Cable v3/v4

Price: 9.90 €

INFORAD Dual USB Multi Power Adapter
The Inforad 4-in-1 Multiplug adapter converts your in-car Cigarette Lighter socket into 2x accessory power sockets, and 2x USB connectors.

Price: 9.90 €

For V2 & V3. 5M cable and magnetic base. Improved GPS reception for vehicles with athermic windscreens.

Price: 10.00 €

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